Farewell Flowers

Flowers and herbs have been used by mourners to pay tribute to loved ones since civilisation began. Not only are our floral offerings symbolic of human mortality and the returning back to the earth but an expression of the love, loss and respect surrounding the newly departed. Beautiful fresh flowers also serve as great comfort to family, friends and well-wishers coming together in the wake of such sadness.


Floral farewell tributes are highly personal, whether you are choosing a more elaborate arrangement, cask spray, sheaf, wreath or just a simple small posy, with your help and consultation I shall strive to create a bespoke and fitting arrangement for you to honour and pay tribute to your loved one.

I  champion  eco floristry methods and choose not use floral foam or single use plastic in any arrangement that I create. Please contact me via the form on this website to arrange a free consultation to enquire how I may be of assistance at this sad time.